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Camino de Santiago anti-blister kit

In your welcome pack for the Camino de Santiago we have included a practical anti-blister kit that we have created especially for people who make their trips with us. 

Here's what's in it and how to use each item. 

The Box

We have designed the box to be as comfortable as possible. It is closed to provide a clean surface in case you need to use it during the stage. And it's made of a soft material so you can carry it in your lightweight bag without damaging it. 

Each of the anti-blister kits contains: 

Cold effect gel to relax your tired legs after the stages

Dressings in different sizes to apply to grazes, possible cuts or wounds.

Gel dressings with cushioning and particles against excess fluid from blisters

Pads to protect corns and calluses

Iodine and alcohol swabs for blisters, scrapes or wounds.

Pedicure scissors

Sewing set

* The contents of the kit may be subject to change due to stock shortages.

These handy swabs have an iodine solution (red swab) or alcohol solution (clear swab) inside the stick. To use them, simply bend the swab stick at the indicated mark. This will release the liquid inside and wet the cotton at the ends so you can apply it conveniently. 

Before we begin, a word of warning: if the blister is too large or the pain is severe, the procedures explained below may not be appropriate. Consultation with a doctor. The travel insurance we have taken out for you includes telephone consultation and video calls. In case of any discrepancy between what is stated here and the instructions of a doctor, please follow the doctor's instructions. 

  1. If the blister is small, the ideal is to let the skin rest, wash and air it as much as possible and apply one of the gel dressings that you will find in the blister kit.  
  2. If the blister is larger, cleans and disinfects the raised skin and the surrounding area. Use the alcohol swab for this. A good practice is to take a foot bath beforehand. If possible, add salt to the water and leave your feet in it for a while.
  3. If the ampoule contains liquid trapped inside, it is best to remove it. To do this, thread the needle with the thread you will find in the blister kit and apply iodine to the thread. Then carefully prick the blister by piercing the raised skin with the needle. This is a painless procedure. When you pull the needle out on the other side, make sure that some of the thread remains outside the blister. The rest will remain inside, soaking up the fluid trapped in the skin and draining it out. This will allow the excess fluid to drain out. 
  4. Leave the thread draining overnight. In the morning, before continuing your journey, remove the string, disinfect the area and use a dressing to protect it.