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Way of Saint James from Sarria in group with guide

5 reasons to do the Way of St. James and repeat

Misconceptions about the Camino de Santiago

In this article we summarize the main reasons to do the Camino de Santiago and repeat. A unique experience that will mark your life forever. If you are looking for a personal challenge, a chance to connect with nature or simply a way to disconnect, the Camino de Santiago is the answer.

Camino de Santiago by bike: 4 things to bear in mind

Camino de Santiago by bicycle

If you are thinking of doing the Camino de Santiago by bike, there are a number of aspects to consider. Not only the bike and the times. Here we talk about those issues to which you will need to spend some time before embarking on the adventure.

The Way of Saint James in winter

Camino de Santiago in winter

Low temperatures, closure of services, cut sections, rain or snow, can you do the Camino de Santiago in winter? Of course you can!