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Where to eat on the Camino. From Sarria to Santiago without breaking the bank.

Where to eat on the Camino. From Sarria to Santiago without breaking the bank.

Eating on the Camino de Santiago can be a wonderful experience if you let yourself be advised by those who have been there before you. Here are some references, take note!
Where to eat on the Camino de Santiago

Surely, on more than one occasion, you have thought that an effort like the Camino deserves a reward. Whether in the middle of a long stage or during the planning phase, the option of indulging in a gastronomic treat appears several times on the horizon of many pilgrims. And not without reason!

The Camino de Santiago can also be a first-class gastronomic experience. Of course, there are some routes that are more "gastronomic" than others, but, in general, along our pilgrimage we will be able to find delicacies and good morsels to put in our mouths, regardless of the route we are on.

As many of the people who travel with us ask us for advice on where to eat on the Camino de Santiago, here are some references of the stretch between Sarria and Santiago.

Of course, everyone has their own tastes and our recommendations do not necessarily appeal to everyone. But after many years walking these roads, there are some restaurants that have left a great taste in our mouths and, therefore, we want to share them with you.

Here is our selection of options where to eat on the Camino de Santiago in the section between Sarria and the city of the apostle - the most travelled of all those that make up this historical itinerary which, why not say it, can also be gastronomic.

Where to eat on the Camino: Sarria

A pulpería do Luis | For those who, as soon as they enter Galicia, want to enjoy a good octopus and do not want to wait for Melide - the true epicentre of the octopus. polbo á feira -We recommend this pulpería. It is a place with a family atmosphere and friendly service. But if it stands out for anything, it is for having perfectly cooked octopus (and this is not easy), and for the magnificent albariño that they offer to accompany it. Although it is a pulpería, the menu is not limited to this. Even so, our recommendation is, without a doubt, the star dish of Galician gastronomy.

Roma | Another of the quality products that you can find in Galicia are its Galician Veal meats (denomination of origin). This establishment offers a magnificent grilled T-bone steak that is truly spectacular. Of course, be prepared for a good amount of meat, because the cuts are generous. We also recommend the scrambled eggs, which are really impressive.

A Travesia Dos Soños | If you prefer variety, this is the place for you. Home-made, quality food, potato omelette, padrón peppers, raxo or homemade croquettes are some of its most popular dishes.

Veal T-bone steak in Roma Restaurant
Veal T-bone steak in Roma Restaurant


We continue our route on the recommended places to eat on the Camino with these other three restaurants in Portomarín.

Restaurant O Mirador | This restaurant is not only famous for its spectacular and carefully prepared dishes. Here they know how to make the most of the quality of the Galician veal and the products of the river, such as the eels, which in this area are caught taking great care in the conservation of the species in the river Miño. It is also known for its spectacular views over the river itself and the tail end of the Belesar reservoir, which in the 1960s submerged the original village of Portomarín. A modern atmosphere and the careful presentation of the dishes have made it a point of reference for everyone in one of the obligatory stops on the French Way.

Pérez Restaurant | Another classic in the village of Portomarín, with the popular Galician cuisine as its flagship. This is a traditional restaurant, with quality dishes at very affordable prices and with a menu that is really worth the money. A magnificent place to taste the traditional eels, both fried and in pies.

Restaurant Posada del Camino | If you are one of those people who like to snack, order different portions or tapas to create your own tasting menu, this is your place. In addition, they have a fantastic menu for pilgrims. But if anything stands out this place is for its magnificent homemade desserts, be sure to try the cake of Portomarín! It is very similar to that of Santiago, but - for many people - juicier.

Fried eels in O Mirador Restaurant
Fried eels in O Mirador Restaurant

Palas de Rei

A Parada das Bestas | Another example where gastronomic quality and spectacular surroundings come together. A Parada das Bestas is a beautiful space that rounds off a magnificent signature meal at an affordable price. It is difficult to recommend just a few dishes, because all the ones we have tried are delicious. The wild boar, the courgette books or the cheese ice cream are just some of our favourites. And they certainly make it worth the trip off the Camino to get to this place.

Mesón A Brea | If you are hungry after a long stage of your journey, we recommend this inn with its generous portions and quality homemade food. Not only the quality of its products, but also the environment and the traditional architecture of its dining room will make the meal here an experience. It offers a good pilgrim menu, but if we have to recommend one of its proposals, we would go for the spectacular grilled meats. Yum!

Pulpería A Nosa Terra | This restaurant has one of the most repeated names of eating houses and tascas in Galicia. It is no coincidence: it means traditional, popular gastronomy, with no other pretension than to feed us as we would at home, so although it is a pulpería, it does not stop there. That is why, although it is a pulpería, it does not stop there. What to order? Undoubtedly, the octopus, but it also offers other traditional dishes like the raxothe zorzaThe most popular dishes are: potato omelette, potato omelette, empanada (pie) or padrón peppers.

Courgette Books in Restaurant Parada das Bestas
Courgette Books in Restaurant Parada das Bestas


O Tobo do Lobo | After several recommendations of traditional/popular restaurants, you will allow us to start with this place in Melide. Avant-garde food perfectly prepared from the best products of our land and affordable for all budgets. We are fans of their croquettes, Galician beef tartare and seasonal tuna. You can also enjoy their magnificent tasting menu if you want to treat yourself on your way. It really doesn't disappoint.

Pulpería Ezequiel | OK, now we are talking about the classic among classics for pilgrims on the French Way. It is no coincidence that every day hundreds and hundreds of walkers stop here - whether they finish the day in Melide or still have to continue 14 km to Arzúa. The long tables where space is shared and the pilgrim atmosphere ensure that the food is more than what goes on the plate. Of course, the menu is very limited: here you come to eat octopus!

Sony RestaurantAnother of those great places to eat on the Camino. This should be your choice if you want to enjoy a cheap, plentiful and well prepared pilgrim menu. Our recommendation is the Galician hake and the seafood salpicón (because not everything is going to be meat).

Zamburiñas of the Restaurant O Tobo do Lobo
Zamburiñas of the Restaurant O Tobo do Lobo


Nene House | This is our favourite restaurant in Arzúa, without a doubt. Not only does it offer a wide menu to choose from, but also a magnificent elaboration and presentation of each of its dishes. The cod, the scallops or the fajitas are some of our favourites. Not forgetting their magnificent homemade desserts.

Fonte do Picho | This magnificent restaurant with its traditional and homely atmosphere also has a wide variety of delicious dishes. A cuisine where the traditional and the new trends come together to create dishes such as scallop ceviche, octopus au gratin with Arzúa-Ulloa cheese on a bed of mashed potato or black rice with baby squid. De-li-cio-so-so.

Theodora House | The concept of "battle restaurant" has been somewhat discredited, but from here we want to vindicate it, because it is often the perfect option for those who are on pilgrimage and must continue their route or simply do not have so many resources. Without being crazy or weird, here you can enjoy a sirloin steak with D. O. Arzúa-Ulloa cheese that is a spectacle. We also recommend traditional dishes such as Galician hake, Galician broth or roast veal. Don't miss the cheesecake.

Fajitas at Casa Nene
Fajitas at Casa Nene

O Pedrouzo

Santaia House in Casal de Calma | Another magnificent place at the foot of the Camino, with a tempting terrace and a charming family atmosphere. Our favourite option is the spider crab and boletus croquettes, but we wouldn't be good hosts if we didn't recommend the ox needle, the grilled fish or the wild mushrooms. Take note!

O KM19 | The good atmosphere that is created in this place, both inside and on the terrace, makes it one of our favourites in O Pedrouzo. You can enjoy a nice pilgrim menu, but what has caught our attention the most are their impressive (in every way) burgers.

Café-Bar O Pedrouzo | A café-bar? Yes, don't pay too much attention to the name. If you are one of those people who are looking for a place where the meat is prepared just right, this is the place for you. Why? Because here they've realised that no one is as good as you are at cooking the meat you're about to eat. That's why they serve the meat on a hot stone from which you can remove it whenever you want. In this steakhouse, you can also enjoy a 1 kilo veal cutlet - we don't recommend it if you're going to continue walking, but if you're going to spend the night in O Pedrouzo, go for it!

Grilled sea bass at Restaurant Casa Santaia Casal de Calma
Grilled sea bass at Restaurant Casa Santaia Casal de Calma

Santiago de Compostela

We have already written an extensive article about Santiago de Compostela with culinary recommendations (Where to eat in Santiago? 7 restaurants for a treat after finishing the Pilgrim's Way). But we can't leave this post without mentioning the goal of most walkers. So let's get down to business:

Abastos 2.0 | This unique restaurant is located in the food market, which is not by chance the second most visited place in the city. It occupies seven stalls and the food combines traditional dishes with avant-garde food, without forgetting the quality of its products, which come directly from the market stalls that surround it. We recommend you try the fish of the day, seafood or ceviche.

Damajuana | Very close to the Cathedral of Santiago, this small place with a reduced menu offers really tasty dishes and a home cooking that will thrill you. Here we recommend the octopus (on the menu!) and the raxo. Yes, you read that right: octopus on the menu. We are sure you won't be left indifferent by the place, the food or the service.

O Black Cat | One of the most popular places in Santiago is O Gato Negro. Not only for tourists, but also for the huge number of students at the University of Compostela. Don't get carried away by appearances, because sometimes they can be deceiving. Here the seafood dishes are anthological. But don't miss their homemade empanada - it's delicious.

Raxo with vegetables and baker's potato at Damajuana Restaurant
Raxo with vegetables and baker's potato at Damajuana Restaurant
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