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How does the Viando Partner Programme work?

Discover the philosophy win-win-win

The Viando Partner Program allows you to making money in commissions for each person in your community who travels with us. How do we do it?

When you register with ViandoPartners, we evaluate your application, approve it and generate a partnership code for you. It is a unique code, but one that you can share with everyone. That's what it's all about.

With it you can join other authors, bloggers, creators and social media influencers who are already earning money with the Viando affiliate programme. 

How do I get my code?

To get your Viando partner code you need to register in our programme by filling in the form on this page.

Once we receive your details, we will validate your application within 2 working days, and we will generate and send you your new code, with which you will be able to start operating immediately.

Share it with your community and get discounts for those who travel and commissions for you. 

Referral programme codes can be shared with the world in any way: through your social profiles, in advertisements in any format, or by any other means. Please avoid intrusive messages and spam. No one likes them and they are usually not effective.

Make sure that people who have seen your code use it. To facilitate this step, we have created our programme on the basis of a win-win-win philosophywhere your referral has the incentive to save on their trip by using your code, that makes it easy for you to earn money in commissions, and at the same time we earn a customer. This way, everyone gets what they want.

Best of all, from your side of the equation, it is a scalable and easy-to-manage model.

In a word: savings.

Anyone who uses your code when booking a trip or experience with Viando will get a 5% discount on the total value you pay. Regardless of the service you purchase or its cost. 5% of your total purchase. It's as simple as that.

The only requirement is to write the code correctly (without including spaces or modifying the text) in the direct booking forms that you will find on our website, or in the manual booking forms. And this is very important for you. Because if the person writes your code, no matter when they see it, you will earn the commission, no matter if it is a direct and instantaneous purchase, or with 30, 60 or 90 days windows.

Your code is permanent. It never expires.

Important: Viando offers or may offer in the future some other ways for travellers to get discounts. These discounts and those of your code are not cumulative. For your commission to be effective, it is essential that the person you refer to us uses your code, as this is the only way to associate it with your action as a partner.

Every time a person makes a booking on Viando with a valid discount code, you will receive the same amount that we have discounted to the user of your code. In other words, you will get 5% on the total of the value of all programmes or services that other people contract with Proguías using your code. 

As there are no pre-set limits to the number of people who can use your code or the cost of the services they sign up for, the Proguias referral programme can be a good way to earn money. 

In addition, referring Viando services is synonymous with recommending quality experiences, which also has a positive impact on the authority of your own social profiles and the image that other people have of your opinions. Our years of experience on the Camino de Santiago and long-distance routes endorse us, and public reviews and reviews are available to anyone who wants to see them.

Our referral programme is activated automatically every time someone uses your partner code in a valid purchase. That is, every time they apply the discount directly or indirectly, and pay for a Proguías service or product. 

As each code is unique and is associated with the transaction in which it is used, we will always have information on the amounts we are required to pay you. Each time it is used, we will send you an email notification, informing you that someone has completed an experience using your code and the reward you are due for it.

Once a month, we will compile all the amounts generated by the use of your code and send you a unified payment for the sum of the different amounts. 

Please note that payments are only made once the referred person has completed their experience. For example, if one of the people you refer books their trip in January for August, you will receive your commission at the end of August, not in January. This is because programmes that are booked well in advance are governed by partial payments and commission is only triggered upon completion of the full payment of the booking. 

If more than one purchase has been made using your code, within the same month, you will receive the amounts bundled into a single payment with a transfer to your bank account. 

In addition, your commission never expires. As long as you are registered and your bank details are complete, your commission is automatically credited to your bank account. So you can focus on earning money while we focus on creating the best long distance trips. 

Important: all payments are made in euros, regardless of your local currency. This means that you will receive your commissions in euros, regardless of the reference currency of your bank account. 

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