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21 places where to eat on the Portuguese Way from Tui without breaking the bank

21 places where to eat on the Portuguese Way from Tui without breaking the bank

Here we discover what to see on the Portuguese Way, one of the most popular routes of the Pilgrims' Roads to Santiago de Compostela. Our list of must-sees.
Where to eat on the Portuguese Way

A few weeks ago we received this query by e-mail: where to eat on the Portuguese Way from Tui? In addition to a practical question (every Camino takes several days and there is a part of intendencia to consider, beyond where to sleep), the truth is that the gastronomy is sneaking between the reasons that more and more people recognise to venture on the Camino de Santiago.

It may not be the main one, but it is certainly becoming more and more frequent and is climbing the ranks. Moreover, it is not the first time we have received queries like this. And, to top it all off, guaranteeing a adequate food is a fundamental aspect of any route such as the Camino.

A few months ago we published an article with some recommendations for eating on the Sarria - Santiago routethe most popular and crowded of the French Way. Now we want you to know our favourite places to eat on the Portuguese Way from Tui.

As they say, they are not all there are, but they are all there are. It would be impossible to list them all, so we have made an effort to summarise and offer you 3 options for each of the most frequent stage endings. Shall we begin?

Where to eat on the Portuguese Way: starting in Tui

Pº. Calvo Sotelo, 40

The quality of the dishes at this tapería-restaurant is unbeatable and the presentation only makes you want to eat more. For those who like seafood, we recommend the spectacular scallops, the crêpes stuffed with seafood or any of the varieties of octopus (which is an institution in Galicia). For lovers of traditional food, we recommend the deconstruction of omelette with chistorra sausage or the duck sirloin with banana and cinnamon purée. It offers a magnificent menu during the week, at very affordable prices. 

Arrayal 39
Rua Arraial, 39

A magnificent proposal that combines good gastronomy and an unbeatable setting. A magnificent traditional dining room and a spectacular garden for relaxation. Among the starters, neither the fried squid nor the octopus left us indifferent. For rice lovers, they offer a really tasty and juicy rice with seafood. As is the sole or the shoulder of suckling lamb.

El Niño Trasto
A Gándara, s/n

El Niño Trasto is not in the centre of Tui, but at the beginning of the first stage, near A Gándara (Guillarei). The careful and detailed presentation of all its dishes makes us enjoy the food from the first moment, even before we have it in our mouths. It fuses the ingredients of the area with the gastronomy of other countries, such as its prawn tree with curry sauce, a real hit, its octopus Takoyaki with tuna flakes or the gyozas. 

Where to eat in O Porriño

Many people do the first stage of this route from Tui directly to Redondela. But more and more people stop in O Porriño, thus dividing the long first stage into two more manageable ones. Especially if you really start walking in Tui and your body is not yet used to it. So we have included this town in this article and these are our recommendations:

Segredos Gastrobar
Avenida de Galicia, 48

This young but more traditional restaurant has a tasty picaña with potatoes and padrón peppers, surprising crusts with chicken, octopus and scallops, a fantastic option for those looking for simple but well-prepared food. A fantastic option for those looking for simple but well-prepared food - what more could you ask for after a day's walking?

O Carreteiro
Avenida Domingo Bueno, 71

If you are looking for a good place to eat a portion of grilled Galician veal, this is the place for you. Both the T-bone steak and the entrecote are delicious and very juicy. But our favourite is the grilled octopus, another way of eating octopus, beyond the traditional style. á feira that will not leave you indifferent. 

Rio Tinto
Polígono da Granxa, s/n

Many of the people who follow this section of the Camino take the Gándaras de Budiño by-pass to avoid the large industrial area of O Porriño (As Gándaras and A Granxa industrial estates), which the traditional Camino crosses. However, if you follow the historic route, in A Granxa you will find the Río Tinto restaurant.

Its good food and magnificent facilities make this place one of our favourites. Above all because they know how to treat Galician produce with care and for their octopus, scallops, grilled wild turbot and roquefort beef entrecôte. 

Where to eat in Redondela

Paseo da Praia, 10.

Another recommendation that is not exactly in the city centre, but very close. Delicious and well-presented food: what better introduction than a beautiful dish? Well, it's even better when you try it. If you go for lunch, they have a magnificent menu of the day. It's one of those places where it's hard to choose what to eat because everything is delicious. Our favourites are the ceviche, the octopus croquettes and the brioche with baby squid. 

Restaurant Lemos

The quality of its products speaks for itself, but its preparation is no less impressive. It has a set menu during the week and you will be able to taste magnificent dishes, although our favourites here are the seafood products. The monkfish with boiled potatoes is delicious and the rice with cuttlefish is unbeatable. With the abundance that characterises Galician dishes.

Mucha HouseIf you like traditional Galician food, this is a great place to try it. Octopus, raxo or cachopo are some of its star dishes. But our favourite is the battered asparagus, a surprising and unexpected delicacy.


Roman HouseIt is difficult to choose a restaurant in Pontevedra because there are so many good ones, including some with Michelin stars. But this has always been one of our favourites. A place where you can enjoy a very good quality product, especially for its seafood and fish from the estuary. Our favourite is the cold fish from the estuary with Padrón peppers and the sole rolls with lobster tail. 

Fidel HouseTraditional food, as always made by our grandmothers, quality and plentiful. Octopus, scallops and corn pie are some of our favourites. 

Santa Clara RestaurantNot only is the food good, but they have created a cosy place that invites you to enjoy the surroundings while you enjoy some of their dishes. Be sure to try the risotto with tetilla cheese, prawns and spinach; although all their rice dishes are delicious. But you can also nibble on their tapas of scrambled eggs, warm salads or battered cheese.

Portuguese Way and where to eat
The quality of Galician veal is unbeatable, as is its flavour.

Caldas de Reis

ConvidoFor omelette lovers, this is the ideal place, the omelette is juicy and delicious. An ideal place for a lunch menu, with good quality, traditional and affordable food. Our favourites are the quality of the T-bone steak and the octopus toast with tetilla cheese.

A do Borlowith a superb offer. This modern restaurant offers a magnificent visual and sensory experience. High quality raw materials prepared with great professionalism and care. The low-temperature ribs or the risotto are spectacular, as is the cheesecake. 

O CubertoThis restaurant in the heart of the Camino Portugués is a must for lunch. An inexpensive menu and good food awaits you after a hard stage. Home-cooked food, in a family atmosphere, with a spectacular coffee flan for dessert. 


O'Pazo GrillA magnificent and inexpensive Michelin Star restaurant in the heart of the Portuguese Way that you should not miss. The care, the presentation, the quality of the product are the common characteristics in all its dishes. 

Pulpería RialA classic on our list, a place where you can enjoy a good octopus, cod, Padrón peppers and empanada, at affordable prices and in a renovated and pleasant place. 

Fogar de BreogánIf you feel like enjoying a good grilled meat, this is the place. Because you can give your choice of meat directly at the table. A good place to enjoy your meal without rushing. 

Welcome to Santiago

Some of these restaurants we have also recommended if you are walking the French Way from Sarria in Where to eat on the Camino. From Sarria to Santiago without breaking the bank. or in Where to eat in Santiago? 7 restaurants for a treat after finishing the Pilgrim's Way. Here is our selection:

Abastos 2.0 | This unique restaurant is located in the food market, which is not by chance the second most visited place in the city. It occupies seven stalls and the food combines traditional dishes with avant-garde food, without forgetting the quality of its products, which come directly from the market stalls that surround it. We recommend you try the fish of the day, seafood or ceviche.

Damajuana | Very close to the Cathedral of Santiago, this small place with a reduced menu offers really tasty dishes and a home cooking that will thrill you. Here we recommend the octopus (on the menu!) and the raxo. Yes, you read that right: octopus on the menu. We are sure you won't be left indifferent by the place, the food or the service.

O Black Cat | One of the most popular places in Santiago is O Gato Negro. Not only for tourists, but also for the huge number of students at the University of Compostela. Don't get carried away by appearances, because sometimes they can be deceiving. Here the seafood dishes are anthological. But don't miss their homemade empanada - it's delicious.

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