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Camino Frances

The Way of Saint James from Ribadeo in 10 days

186 km
8 stages
10 days

325 €

Lighthouse of Illa Pancha, in Ribadeo
The Way of Saint James from Ribadeo is the last stretch of the Northern Way. The one that will take you from Ribadeo and the region of A Mariña, in the Cantabrian coast, through the interior of Lugo and A Coruña towards the city of the Apostle. Escape to the mythical Praia das Catedrais before starting this 8-stage pilgrimage along one of the least travelled and most authentic routes, and discover some of the hidden gems, such as Mondoñedo or Sobrado dos Monxes.
10 days from the Bay of Biscay to the heart of Galicia
Obtain the Compostela as proof of your Camino
Landscapes, gastronomy and peace
Lighthouse of Illa Pancha, in Ribadeo
Camino Frances

The Way of Saint James from Ribadeo in 10 days

186 km
8 stages
10 days
10 days from the Bay of Biscay to the heart of Galicia
Obtain the Compostela as proof of your Camino
Landscapes, gastronomy and peace
from 325 €
The Way of Saint James from Ribadeo is the last stretch of the Northern Way. The one that will take you from Ribadeo and the region of A Mariña, in the Cantabrian coast, through the interior of Lugo and A Coruña towards the city of the Apostle. Escape to the mythical Praia das Catedrais before starting this 8-stage pilgrimage along one of the least travelled and most authentic routes, and discover some of the hidden gems, such as Mondoñedo or Sobrado dos Monxes.

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Day 1. Arrival in Ribadeo

To start the Way of St. James from Ribadeo you will have to arrive on your own, or with the optional transfer service we offer. The town offers interesting Indian architecture, influenced by Galician emigration to Latin America since the 19th century, and is well worth a visit. However, depending on your arrival time and the tide table, if you have time, you won't want to miss the world famous Praia das Catedrais, just a few kilometres away. If you would like to visit this natural wonder, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can arrange access and timetables, as there is a maximum number of people allowed in each day and during high tides it is closed.

Hostel: Hostel Ribadeo A Ponte or similar
Standard accommodation: Hotel Rolle or similar

Day 2. Stage Ribadeo - Vilanova de Lourenzá

Distance: 27.5 km
Difficulty: ●●○○○
AccommodationVilanova de Lourenzá

The first stage takes us definitively away from the coast, the dominant trend in the rest of the Camino del Norte, and we must begin our journey through the interior of Galicia to reach the capital of Compostela. This section, marked mainly by rural and livestock farming landscapes, with mountainous and sparsely populated areas, welcomes us to Galicia.

The most important climb is the ascent to A Ponte de Arante, after which you will find yourself in the Val de Cabarcos, whose name refers to a Celtic tribe of which we have found remains of their fortified forts and enclosures, otherwise very abundant throughout Galicia.

You will pass through Vilamartín Grande, Gondán and San Xusto de Cabarcos, before reaching Vilanova de Lourenzá. Be sure to visit the monastery of San Salvador, founded in the 10th century by Count Osorio Gutiérrez - known as the Holy Count - and whose Baroque façade was built in 1735 under the direction of the architect Fernando de Casas Novoa, who shortly afterwards designed the current façade of the cathedral in Santiago de Compostela. A perfect place to rest, breathe fresh air and get in touch with the gastronomy of inland Galicia, known for the quality of its meats.

Hostel: Savior House or similar
Standard accommodation: Hotel Vila do Val or similar

Day 3. Stage Vilanova de Lourenzá - Abadín

Distance: 24 km
Difficulty: ●●○○○
AccommodationAbadín : Abadín

The third day of the Way of Saint James from Ribadeo is marked by its low difficulty, although it will be necessary to pass the pass that separates the valleys of Lourenzá and Mondoñedo. This episcopal city is historically one of the seven heads of the Kingdom of Galicia. We cannot miss the cathedral, the seminary of Santa Catalina with its library of incunabula, the remains of the old medieval city walls or the Ponte do Pasatempo. Once in Mondoñedo you will have to choose two possible routes to get to Abadín, the end of the stage.

The historic route, recently recovered, goes through the forest and is almost four kilometres shorter than the complementary route, but it has steep climbs and lacks intermediate settlements. It is often foggy in this area and with stray cattle, so it is not advisable if you are walking alone or alone or in bad weather.

The complementary route, on the other hand, passes through the valley of Valiñadares and the village of Lousada with a long and very gradual ascent. For this reason, we recommend that you take the complementary route and enjoy the almost 17 kilometres that await you.

After the last ascent you will descend towards Abadín, the entrance to the region of A Terra Chá, a large plateau that extends to the heart of the province of Lugo.

Hostel: Xabarín Rooms Hostel or similar
Standard accommodation: Goás House or similar

Day 4. Stage Abadín - Vilalba

Distance: 20.8 km
Difficulty: ●●○○○
Accommodation: Vilalba

Fourth day: an easy, pleasant stage with almost no gradients, as it runs through A Terra Chá (chá means "flat" in Galician). The route runs parallel to the N-634 road, along dirt tracks and asphalt. On your arrival in Vilalba, the capital of the region chairegaYou can visit the Tower of the Andrade family, the only vestige of the old medieval castle that is now part of the network of paradors.

And if after a good meal your plan is to relax, there is nothing better than to do so in the Charca do Alligal, a free hot springs area. Enjoy its bicarbonate-calcium and weakly mineralised waters, which help to improve wellbeing, as well as rheumatic and skin problems.

Hostel: As Pedreiras Hostel or similar
Standard accommodation: Hotel Vila do Alba or similar

Day 5. Stage Vilalba - Baamonde

Distance: 17.5 km
Difficulty: ●○○○○

In this fifth stage of the pilgrimage you will leave Vilalba, first descending and then flattening out. The route is again marked by the crossing of several rivers along the way. Continue along the route until you reach Baamonde, whose name and foundation is attributed, according to legend, to a warrior, Badamundus, linked to the mythical battle of Clavijo in 844.

We recommend a stop at the Galicia tavern-museum, a charming establishment that is over a hundred years old and has been in the same family for generations. In addition to its homemade stews, in this establishment you will be able to taste one of the best pot coffees or cafés de puchero.

Hostel: Km 101 Hostel or similar
Standard accommodation: Km 101 Hostel or similar

Day 6. Stage Baamonde - Sobrado dos Monxes

Distance: 32 km
Difficulty: ●●●○○
Accommodation: Sobrado dos Monxes (alternative stop in Miraz, counting one more day)

From Baamonde, the road heads through tiny villages and over "a thousand rivers" in the direction of Santiago de Compostela. Along the way you will often see rows of smooth stones stuck in the ground (in Galician, chantas) to mark out the boundaries of the estates in accordance with Celtic tradition. In Galicia there are many traces of Celtic culture, from music to place names and many popular beliefs and mythology. Shortly after Baamonde the Way of St. James forks, in the direction of As Cruces or in the direction of Seixón. In this programme we recommend you to take the second option, as it is the official Way.

There are few towns and villages to be found from Miraz, so we recommend that you take supplies with you. The route climbs gradually up to Alto da Mámoa and from there through A Cabana and higher, until you reach the highest point of the Northern Way, the so-called Marco das Pías, at an altitude of 710 metres. Here you leave the province of Lugo to finally enter the province of A Coruña, descending along the road to O Mesón. From this point, a succession of roads and paths will take you to the shores of the Sobrado lake - an artificial reservoir built by the monks of the nearby abbey at the beginning of the 16th century. It is only a short distance to the end of the stage, where you can visit the spectacular Monastery of Sobrado dos Monxes and show off its stamp on your credential. We recommend that you leave four spaces because it is a large and very beautiful stamp.

Hostel: Lecer Hostel or similar
Standard accommodation: Hotel San Marcus or similar

Day 7. Stage Sobrado dos Monxes - Arzúa

Distance: 22 km
Difficulty: ●●○○○
Accommodation: Arzúa

The eighth stage will take you to Arzúa, where you will join the French Way and reach Santiago de Compostela in two more days. You will begin your stage by saying goodbye to the marvellous enclave of Sobrado dos Monxes in the direction of A Gándara, where you can contemplate an ancient milestone of the Roman road. You will also find a fork in the road: a path that takes you to A Mota, avoiding contact with the French Way as far as O Pedrouzo (there are fewer services on this stretch). The other takes you to Arzúa. We recommend this option, as this Galician village is the perfect place to spend the night.

Hostel: San Francisco Hostel or similar
Standard accommodation: Casa Elena Guesthouse or similar

Day 8. Stage Arzúa - O Pedrouzo

Distance: 19.1 km
Difficulty: ●●○○○
AccommodationO Pedrouzo

This stage will offer you more beautiful green landscapes and some small rural treasures such as the hermitage of Santa Irene, where pilgrims usually stop to rest and share experiences before continuing to O Pedrouzo or A Rúa.

You will notice that the number of people walking or cycling increases dramatically compared to previous stages. The French Way, which you will walk to Santiago, is the busiest of all.

At the end of the day, you will find yourself in O Pedrouzo, a village that has grown in recent years, as you will see, and which offers a special hospitality to walkers.

Hostel: O Burgo Hostel or similar
Standard accommodation: Pension Lo or similar

Day 9. Stage O Pedrouzo - Santiago de Compostela

Distance: 19.9 km
Difficulty: ●●○○○
AccommodationSantiago de Compostela

At last! The last stage of your Camino de Santiago begins and the city of the apostle awaits you after less than 20 km. After passing behind O Pedrouzo, you will go up through O Amenal and descend to A Lavacolla, the village that gives its name to Compostela's airport.

From there, a new ascent will take you directly to Monte do Gozo, whose name reveals the joy of the pilgrims who, since the first millennium, arrived in Santiago by this route and saw, for the first time, the longed-for silhouette of the towers of the Cathedral. Only four kilometres separate you from the city, which you will enter through the popular neighbourhoods of San Lázaro, Fontiñas or San Pedro and the famous Porta do Camiño.

Hostel: The Last Stamp or similar
Standard accommodation: Deniké Guesthouse or similar

Day 10. Santiago de Compostela

The last day is a tribute to your efforts. After a well-deserved rest, you will have the whole day free to explore the Holy City: its Cathedral and the rest of its monuments. If you wish, we can also help you with this. And, if you have time, we have some complementary activities that may be of interest.

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Frequently asked questions

What to expect from this tour?
This section of the Camino del Norte is perfect for you if you want to walk the last stretch of this route ending in Santiago de Compostela. It is a quiet route, without too many walkers, except in the last stages, where it overlaps with the French Way. With a gentle profile, it is an accessible route for people in normal physical shape, taking into account that there are several stages of more than 27 km.
The Northern Way between Ribadeo and Santiago de Compostela is open all year round. Although it can be done in the middle of winter, taking into account a series of technical conditions (more information here), the most advisable time is usually the first half of autumn, when the weather is milder. It can also be done in summer, because temperatures are usually mild, but in this case you should expect more people on the Camino and there may be a certain saturation in the stages that overlap with the French Way (from Arzúa).
All the stages of this route can be completed on foot, so there is no need for additional transfers. If you need transport to get to Ribadeo from Santiago or Asturias airport, or if you want to hire a transfer from Santiago to the airport for your return home, we can include them as an optional service.
Accommodation in the following categories is available on this route: hostels and standard accommodation. You can see more information about the categories of accommodation we use in Viando. in this link.

By default and compulsory, all our programmes include travel insurance with specific coverage for the Camino de Santiago. You can see the details in the section Insurance of our website. 

All our programmes include a 24-hour telephone support service, should you need help at any time during your experience. This means that you can also contact us outside office hours (when you are on pilgrimage). 

If you want to book this programme, you have the following options available a form where you can indicate the starting date, the type of accommodation and a series of optional services. The price will be updated according to the options you choose, so you have full control. Once you have configured your trip, click on "Book" to make the payment.

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In Viando we also work with tailor-made programmes (short stages, intermediate rest days, itineraries different from those proposed, etc.). If you are looking for a Camino that meets your needs/preferences, you can ask us for a quote. here.